Tremar Pottery

Examples of Pieces Produced by Tremar Pottery

Examples of Pieces Produced by Tremar Pottery

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These pages provide information about Tremar Potteries of Tremar and Liskeard in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom and documentation of pieces produced by that company. Information about the pieces is provided on separate pages. Links to those pages appear below.

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What is Tremar Pottery?

Roger and Doreen Birkett established Tremar Pottery in 1962. Originally Roger made the products himself, but over time the company expanded to three locations. The original hand-thrown pieces gave way pieces produced using molds. All of them sold well.

The produced small pieces for collectors including people, animals, boats, cars and buildings. They also produced larger size pieces including money boxes (piggy banks), mugs, storage containers and other pieces for service or kitchen use.

The pieces are generally marked on the bottom in at least a couple of different styles that presumably changed over time.

The company closed in 1983.

Tremar Pottery - Ships - Tugboat in Service - For more information about the Tremar Pottery Ships, please click on the link below.

Tremar Pottery - Ships - Tugboat in Service - For more information about the Tremar Pottery Ships, please click on the link below.

Where is Tremar?

Tremar is located in the United Kingdom, in England, in the eastern part of Cornwall. It is a small village that is about two miles north of Liskeard which isn’t all that big itself.

What Happened to Tremar Pottery?

Tremar Pottery was a successful company for years with salespeople traveling around the UK calling on dealers and making sales. Tremar Pottery representatives attended trade shows at Olympia in London and at the NEC (National Exhibition Center) in Birmingham. The company also offered pieces to dealers during at least one trade show in the US.

So what brought production in this successful company to a screeching halt? It was a major catastrophe at the production facility. A kiln exploded in 1983. The explosion caused tremendous damage to the entire facility, and the company decided that the cost of making repairs and rebuilding the kiln was too high. It was that explosion that put an end to production of Tremar Pottery.

Additional Information about Tremar

If you know more about Tremar Pottery or its owners, I would be very much interested. Please click on Contact in the menu above and send me an email.

Tremar Pottery - Safari Animals - Hippo Bathing- For more information about the Tremar Pottery Safari Animals, please click on the link below.

Tremar Pottery - Safari Animals - Hippo Bathing- For more information about the Tremar Pottery Safari Animals, please click on the link below.

Contribute Pictures of Your Tremar Pieces

If you have pieces made by Tremar Pottery and would like to submit pictures of them that I could use on this site, I would like to hear from you. Again, please click on Contact in the menu above and send me an email.

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  1. Peter Smith says:

    My half Brother Ray and his first wife Ann used to run Potty Parties and sold the pottery to friends and their friends throughout the 70′s. We spent New Years with Roger at his house in St Cleer and later caught up with him when he moved to London. If anybody knows his wherabouts it would be great to meet up with him once again

  2. Stephen Wall says:

    Hi I have a large collection of tremar pottery about 70-80 pieces and I am wanting to sell basically all of it but I am having trouble finding collectors of it, I think half the problem is that I live in the north east of England. does anyone know of any collectors that are still buying please?

  3. sheila nardelli says:

    i have a little robin tremar c.k.

  4. Birkett says:

    I’m one of roger’s daugther.

  5. susan patten says:

    Good morning,I have just purchased a tremar owl with a mouse.Have read that only 12 survive is this true and can you please give me any more information on this piece.Thank you

  6. sue lubbock says:

    Hi Jim, I remember as a child watching with awe as my father sculpted the early series (birds, dogs and safari animals) and some others that have not been mentioned (hampster, duck and toad money banks) My father, Jack Lightbown, was teaching at Plymoth College of Art and amongst his students was a certain Roger Birkett, which is how they met. I remember when I was in my teens visiting Roger with my father in St. Cleer, and he took us out in his Aston Martin, I think in those early days he had just a coupe of sheds in the garden for pottery production. Do you know what happend to Roger? All the best, Sue.

  7. Barbara Roche says:

    I worked at Tremar in the summer holidays in 1970 and 1971, acting as guide to tourists who came to visit the factory. There was a showroom where we used to sell factory seconds as well as the range of (mostly) tableware. The products were also sold in tourist shops in Cornish resorts.

    Doreen also used to work as a teacher, in the same school as my father, which is how I came to work for the company.

    Sadly I gave away all my Tremar pieces some years ago.

  8. stephen munn says:

    i have unearthed two large boxes of tremar kitchen ware,i have i.d. some of the items and i am stuck with others, i think they could have been a reps; samples any advice would be appreciated Thanks.

  9. Ian Miller says:

    Very intresting website, i was directed there by a James W. of Sydney to whom i took some Tremar pieces when visiting Australia from the UK at Christmas.
    Two things; there are several missing pieces from your website, unless i have missed seeing them. These are the cats of which i think there were five, the donkey, the foal, and a larger than usual horse.
    i believe these were made very late on in Tremars history and possibly after the “fire” by a brother, though i cannot verify this. They were all stamped Tremar Uk.
    I started collecting Tremar some ten years ago after finding a small Cornish shop literally stuffed with them gathering dust in an old cupboard. Alas almost all sold to pay two sons University fees.
    A lot i sold to a collector here in Bristol who still has EVERYTHING they produced. i have promised James that i will try and photograph them for him and i will try and send them to you as well. Is there anything in particular you would like photos of? The cats etc?
    I think i was in touch with “Jim” some years ago and am sorry he couldn’t find a publisher for his book. Try again Jim!

  10. Oliver says:


    I have three items from the little dogs collection: Number 1, 3 and 6. They are in boxes. Any idea on price would be appreciated.


  11. cory says:

    Tremar pottery were running from 1960 then closed up in 1983, so your Tremar pottery is in that age range.

  12. sam says:

    I have just purcashed a Tremar dinner service, can any one tell me are the pieces dish washer safe?

    many thanks

  13. Sarah Reynolds says:

    I’d be interested in seeing a copy of your book, Jim. Please get in touch. Sarah

  14. Cecilie Kay says:

    Dear Jim

    I have, unknowingly, owned a Tremar lion for years – research today has revealed that is is a baby lion (two triangles on head) and an incised mark ‘Tremar UK’ underneath. What I haven’t been able to find out is its age. Is it possible you’d be able to tell me? Thank you.

    I’m sorry your book didn’t find a publisher. Perhaps you’d have better luck now that Cornish pottery is so much sought after.

    Best wishes

  15. Len & Mary Lynn Kraemer says:

    Just wanted to let you know that we have found one more Tremar Tiny Bird Figurine and it is currently listed on eBay under our ID: sebbie152003

  16. Jim says:

    Hello, I used to run the Tremar Collectors Club. During the time of running th club I managed to get all the pieces ever made by Tremar, including lots of the items that were confused with Tremar and are still being confused on ebay. I did pen a book about the pottery after having a meeting with Mr Birkett, who gave us the items that were rare, and items that He did not think actully got into the market place, namely the Tenmoku Glaze items a Dark Brown smooth finished pottery, of which the coffee pot, water jug only a hand full were made as test pieces,
    Sadly I could not get publishing for the book,
    Best Wishes

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