Andrew and Callie in Georgetown – Real World DC

Havana Max, Shoe Gallery, Chipotle Mexican Grill in Georgetown

Andrew and Callie Walked by Havana Max, Shoe Gallery, Chipotle Mexican Grill in Georgetown

In Episode 2 all of the houseguests (Andrew, Ashley, Callie, Emily, Erika, Josh, Mike and Ty) visit the Rhino Bar and Pumphouse in Georgetown. That episode also contains a scene where Andrew and Callie are walking down the street having a discussion about the nature of their relationship (as I remember).

As they walk and talk they pass a store with really distinctive windows that extend out from the storefront and onto what might otherwise be the sidewalk. There are other similar windows among the stores in Georgetown, but even so, these windows are distinctive.

Chipotle Wood and Galvanized Metal Figure

Chipotle Grill Distinctive Wood and Galvanized Metal Figure in Window

Andrew and Callie walk past Havana Max, a cigar, cigarette and tobacco store with an amazingly eclectic group of objects in the windows including brass animals and figures, a variety of unusual pipes, colorful hats, a variety of colorful bandannas, a mask and a 6 inch tall wizard. Despite all of the interesting things in the windows, I was not able to find a sign with the store’s name on it. After Havana Max, Callie and Andrew pass the Shoe Gallery and then Chipotle Mexican Grill. The distinctive wood and galvanized metal figures in Chipotle’s windows are visible in Episode 2 as Callie and Andrew walk by. They were certainly headed toward the Rhino Bar at the time as this discussion took place only a little over a block from Rhino, and they were walking toward Rhino at the time.

Havana Max is located at 3249 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007. Shoe Gallery is located at 3251 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007. Chipotle Mexican Grill is located at 3255 M Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20007. The National Geographic Museum is located at 1145 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036. Click Here for Google Map showing the location of the sidewalk in Georgetown where Callie and Andrew discuss their relationship.

Closest Metro Station: The Rosslyn Metro Station on the Blue and Orange Lines is nearest to this part of Georgetown at about .8 of a mile away. The Foggy-Bottom GWU Metro Station also on the Blue and Orange Lines is about 1 mile away. The walk from Foggy-Bottom GWU will take you through the middle of picturesque Georgetown, whereas the walk from Rosslyn will take you across Key Bridge and provide views up and down the Potomac River.

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