MTV’s Real World DC


Images From MTV's Real World DC

Images From MTV's Real World DC

MTV’s Real World has come to Washington DC. MTV will be chronicling the adventures, experiences, loves and hates of Andrew, Ashley, Callie, Emily, Erika, Josh, Mike and Ty.

I can’t tell you where the cast of Real World DC is, but I can tell (and show you) where they’ve been.

By clicking on the category Real World DC or by using the links on this page you’ll be able to find all of the places where the events in the series took place. Entry Marker = Recent Entry.

MTV Real World DC House.

Red Haired Woman of Adams Morgan in multiple episodes.

Cocktail Glass Light in multiple episodes.

Signs at the Real World DC House in multiple episodes.

Callie Arrives – Real World DC Episode 1.

Erika and Josh Arrive – Real World DC Episode 1.

Ty Arrives – Real World DC Episode 1.

Buca di Beppo from Real World DC Episode 1.

Rhino Bar and Pumphouse from Episode 2.

Callie and Andrew Walk and Talk in Georgetown in Episode 2.

S Street Block Party from Episode 2.

the Diner from Episode 2.

Mike visits the Human Rights Campaign in Episode 2.

Emily and her sister Amy visit the Firehook Bakery and Coffee House in Episode 2.

Lunch at Lauriol in Episode 3.

Emily, Ty and Mike visit Washington Sports Clubs in Episode 3.

Ashley, Callie and Erika Lunch at SweetGreen in Episode 3.

Callie Runs Through Lafayette Square in Episode 3.

Ashley, Callie, Emily and Erika Visit Flow Yoga Center in Episode 3.

Mike and Ashley Attend Church in Episode 4.

Dinner at The Big Hunt restaurant in Episode 4.

Ashley’s and Mike’s Argument in Episode 4.

Houseguests eat at Subway in Episode 4.

Andrew Gets A Date in Episode 4.

Houseguests Visit Russia House in Episode 4.

Josh and Ty go to Jinx Proof in Episode 5.

Houseguests Go To Earth Treks in Episode 5.

Callie, Emily, Ashley and Erika visit ACKC in Episode 6.

Ashley stays in a hotel in Episode 6.

Callie’s picture taking assignment at Halo in Episode 6.

Callie, Ashley and Erika have lunch at the Grill From Ipanema in Episode 7.

Mike and Eric have lunch at the Front Page in Episode 7.

Lunch disrupts Erika’s Georgetown shopping experience in Episode 7.

Mike, Eric, Emily, Callie, Erika and Ty visit McFadden’s Restaurant in Episode 7.

Mike and his mother and representatives of the HRC have lunch at the Hotel Tabard Inn in Episode 8.

Mike visits his congressman in Episode 8.

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