About StationStart.com

There are a number of objectives I am trying to accomplish with StationStart.com.

Make It Easy To Find Stuff Around Metro Stations

 I like Washington DC’s Metro rail system. Here the objective is to take each Metro station and use it as a starting point (thus StationsStart.com) for finding the things you might want to visit in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Just about anything might be included, but certainly there will be information about places to stop for a quick meal and tourist attractions (including many little know locations). 

Locations Found in Popular Culture

 StationStart.com will also make it easy to find the locations that have meaning in popular culture. Right now I am finding the locations in Washington DC where Real World DC was filmed. At the same time I am tracking down the locations in and around Washington that are used as settings in The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Little Known Locations in Washington DC

StationStart.com will pinpoint little known, quirky and interesting locations in and around Washington.

Outdoor Art

I am working on documenting the locations of all types of outdoor art in and around Washington. This will include traditional and non-traditional sculpture as well as murals, wall art and art that some might call graffiti.

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As sections of StationStart.com fall into place, I will be expanding the scope of this blog in order to help readers find what they’re looking for in and around Washington DC.

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