SweetGreen – Real World DC

SweetGreen Sign

SweetGreen Sign

SweetGreen from Real World DC Episode 3

In Real World DC Episode 3 Ashley, Callie and Erika Stop by SweetGreen for Lunch

In Episode 3 of Real World DC Ashley, Callie and Erika (all of the women except Emily) head out for lunch. About three blocks from the Real World DC house they stopped in at SweetGreen, a restaurant that serves salads and frozen yogurts. It’s not much of a surprise that lunchtime discussion centers on careful eating and the danger of gaining weight.

In Episode 4 Andrew meets Alli for a date at SweetGreen. Click Andrew and Allie for the StationStart.com entry on their date.

SweetGreen is located very close to Dupont Circle, about half a block south of the Q Street NW exit from the Dupont Circle Metro Station.

SweetGreen is located at 1512 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036. Click Here for Google Map showing the location of SweetGreen.

Closest Metro Station: The Dupont Circle Metro Station on the Red Line is nearest to this SweetGreen.

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