Real World DC Erika and Josh Arrive

In Episode 1 of MTV’s Real World DC all of the houseguest arrive in Washington. Erika (from Chicago, Illinois) waited just in front of Union Station. Soon enough Josh (from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) showed up. As Union Station is where the Amtrak trains arrive in Washington, I suppose Josh took the train down from Philadelphia, and Erika could have taken the train from Chicago.

Union Station Where Erika and Josh Met

Union Station Where Erika and Josh Met

The short, white stone wall where Erika stood is located on Columbus Circle which is just in front of Union Station and across the street from the Postal Museum. Actually the Postal Museum is the giant building in the background that takes up most of the picture.

Click Here for Google Map showing the location on Columbus Circle where Erika and Josh met.

Click on Union Station to go to the entry about Union Station.

Closest Metro Station: The Union Station Metro Station on the Red Line is nearest to Union Station.

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