Flow Yoga Center – Real World DC

Flow Yoga Center - Real World DC Episode 3

Ashley, Callie, Emily and Erika Visit Flow Yoga Center in Real World DC Episode 3

Right at the end of Episode 3 of Real World DC, all the women, Ashley, Callie Emily and Erika, visit the Flow Yoga Center for surprisingly active dance oriented exercise. They all seemed to enjoy the experience.

The Flow Yoga Center is on the third floor of a narrow building located about a block and a half from Logan Circle and about seven tenths of a mile from the Real World DC house. Interestingly the ground floor of the building is occupied by a liquor store.

The picture of the yoga and liquor signs make them look as though they are hanging side by side. In fact there is a substantial distance between them, about half of the width of the townhouse. So they are probably about 10 or 12 feet apart.

Flow Yoga Center is located at 1450 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20005. Click Here for Google Map showing the location of Flow Yoga Center.

Closest Metro Station: The Dupont Circle Metro Station on the Red Line is the nearest to Flow Yoga Center.

Flow Yoga Center Sign

Flow Yoga Center Sign

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